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''Learn How To explore the world with points Using Luxury Home Exchange.''

Invest and gain access to more than 14,000 points each year with Luxury Home Exchange—travel has never been so rewarding. 

 Why not vacation for free every year in a new location?

What Will You Learn Inside...

Real Estate that is held in trust for your heirs ignores the two problems with investing in real estate. They are velocity and fluctuation in the pricing. Better than gold when you earn income as a luxury short-term rental!

Secret 1

The STR Market size and potential to exceed- $33Billion with a 10.3% Compound Annual Growth Rate!

Secret 2

New Asset Class - Private Resort Home - Owner built for lower property taxes for generations of our heirs.

Secret 3

We are 7 time more likely to book on the dates of request with eight estates to reserve and four fabulous seasons.

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Who Is The Author Of This Book?

UncleLuckyLarry is not an accounting firm, law firm, accountant referral service, or lawyer referral service. UncleLuckyLarry does not provide tax or legal advice, or tax or legal representation. Participating tax professionals and attorneys are independent contractors, and we do not influence or interfere in any way with their independent professional judgment. Subscribe to the channel on YouTube and join our free "Iwannago" membership on our website to be eligible for promotional discounts and to monitor our progress as we build our destiny and become known as the 9th Wonder of the World.

Hey! I'm Uncle Lucky Larry

Imagine investing in a venture that merges the thriving $3 billion short-term rental market with a profound legacy-building opportunity. Welcome to Uncle Lucky Larry's Rocky Ledge Estates, an innovative project located near the 8th Wonder of the World, poised to redefine luxury family vacations. Our model is not just about offering private resort homes; it's about creating a new asset class that combines the security of real estate investment with the lucrative returns of the vacation rental industry.

  • At Rocky Ledge Estates, investors have the unique opportunity to be part of a reverse REIT structure, prioritizing investor returns over executive compensation. Our project is not just another real estate investment; it's a chance to be part of a community that values happiness, legacy, and unity, offering shareholders benefits like trade-to-travel points and complimentary stays, enhancing both their financial portfolio and their family life.

  • With a target to raise $10 million for construction, our strategic approach minimizes operational costs while maximizing occupancy rates, aiming for a high ROI through a model that's resilient against market fluctuations. The demand for unique, family-friendly vacation experiences is on the rise, and Rocky Ledge Estates is set to meet this demand, promising not just returns, but the chance to contribute to a project with lasting impact on families and communities.

  • We're looking for investors who see beyond the numbers to the value of creating something enduring, something that offers both financial rewards and the fulfillment of building a better future. Join us in making Rocky Ledge Estates a reality, a legacy that offers lucrative returns and the joy of knowing you've invested in happiness and unity."

  • Larry & Martine Findleton
    Invest in family

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