World Famous Burney Falls attracts people from all around the world!


"The GEM of Northern California"
Water begins it way to the sea from here!
Near Lassen Nationa Park and Mt Shasta
Direct Access to National Forest
The perfect location to build your dream estate

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Work from a home you own with others.

Enter your e-mail address and we’ll send you a PDF that provides information on tenancy in common. Our custom design has four private master bedroom suites and a large courtyard, great room, gourmet kitchen, guest room and more. Ideal for four friends to own a million dollar home on five acres for a fraction of the cost. Convert it to a Short-term vacation rental anytime or sell your interest at any time to anyone. 

Tenancy in common - Now you can afford to own in California!

A tenancy in common is a form of co-ownership in which an interest is “owned by several persons, not in joint ownership or partnership.”[A tenancy in common is considered the default by courts, rather than joint tenancy. Tenants in common are permitted to own varying shares of the property, but all co-owners have an equal right to enjoy the entire property. When a co-owner dies, his or her interest may be transferred through probate or other proceeding as the right of survivorship does not apply to a tenancy in common. Additionally, tenants in common may transfer their interest at any time without severing the tenancy in common or even affecting the ownership interests of the other co-owners. With a custom designed estate owners can have their own private areas while sharing common areas like the kitchen, bath, courtyard, and guest rooms.


Schedule a free consultation and be sure to work with a professional attorney, CPA, Realtor, or all of the above. Freedom of speech enables us to share our opinions. We sell the parcels of land and are happy to help our new friends build their dream.

Only 3.5 hours from Sacramento or Reno.  

Luxury Vacation Estates - Better than Tahoe! Fewer people, more family and friend time!

Build your Legacy Luxury Estate here!

Direct Access to 2.2 Million Acres of National Forest 


Build on five acres and play on the 2.2 million acres that is directly accessed from your estate!

6,278 miles of streams and rivers 

All parcels have direct access to Shasta Trinity National Forest. 

Step by step guide to success

aerial view of city during daytime

The GEM of Northern California

The PIT River Valley has water, clean air, National Parks, fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, golf, casino, and a Regional Airport.

Only a three-hour drive from the Sacramento Airport
Two hours forty-five minutes North of Reno - No Traffic! Or, charter a private jet and land 15 minutes away!

Are you tired of Tahoe traffic?  Get together with your friends and stay in a luxury vacation property while exploring a new adventure every day. Support the locals! Hire them as a guide or ride their horse!

Enjoy nature without the crowds!

Say YES to a second Residence 

Every parcel can build a secondary residence without all the permit fees paid by the primary residence.

A maximum of 1,200 sq/ft of living space and no short-term rentals allowed. You can rent per month or let your family member be the host for your short-term rental business.
Several parcels will allow a separate driveway.  That is two homes on each parcel for the cost of one permit.
Keep this place as your private home for "get-away" spur of the moment visits.
Land your plane, visit your place anytime, earn income from the short-term rental of the primary house.

Retirement option #1 - Sell in the city, build here, live in the secondary residence while you manage the luxury vacation rental property on your parcel. Use the big place for family visits! 
Travel anytime and pay the local host to welcome your guests.

The Mystery of Mt Shasta

The Mystery of Mount Shasta 41m | 2021 | TV-PG | CC Mount Shasta in northern California is known as a hotbed of strange events, from Big Foot sightings to UFO encounters to hikers vanishing without a trace. Could the mountain's unique geology and placement on Earth be attracting beings from other worlds... and even other dimensions?

One hour drive away, North on Highway 89

Cal Fire shows this area as the same risk as Redding!
Is it the fire hydrants and nearby fire station?

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The private owner is willing to finance qualified buyers. There are twenty parcels in the sub-division, with only eight available. Location is ideal for an Evolve Vacation Rental property that can be traded for points with Trade to Travel to enable you and your family and friends to stay in a different luxury home every year. 

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