Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

We sell or lease land in the Rocky Ledge Estates subdivision. 

What do you specialize in?

We are assisting future generations with better family times in nature.

What are the rates of your services?

Cash purchase for a 3.76 acres level parcel on paved streets with water and power at the curb is only $135,000. The owners may finance a qualified buyer.  
Since land can not be depreciated for tax purposes, we also offer LONG-TERM LEASE option for qualified buyers. With as little as $10,000 down, and payments of $1,200 per month for a 30 year lease, you can build your custom short-term vacation rental and deduct the lease payment as an expense. Renew the lease for another 30-99 years.

What type of warranty do you provide? 

The owners of the land are selling and leasing land that is transferred with Escrow and Title Insurance that is transferred in the sale or lease. They will provide assistance with introductions to a local facilitator, local subcontractors, and suppliers. There is no warranty beyond the clear title on the land. 

Are you licensed and insured?

No. The owners are qualified as "real estate professional" for IRS (Sec.469(c) (7)(B) (Details here)

What are your terms and conditions?

Paid Escrow and Title for purchase only.  Land lease agreement contracts contain all the terms and conditions in the contract. We encourage you to consult with your legal professionals prior to signing.

What are the experts saying?

Ryan Bakke, CPA helps Real Estate Investors boost their ROI. (Losses to offset your active income)
The Short Team - List of Links to join their site and buy books, get financed, Air DNA Data, Cash Flow Calculator, etc.
Investopedia on Ground Rent Arrangements. Note Ground-rent arrangements may be infrequent in the U.S. but are still fairly common in Ireland and the Netherlands. 3 4

How many parcels are still available?

Parcel 030-400-003-000 has 3.76 level acres - Tax Rate Area 077-027
Parcel 030-400-005-000 has 3.9 level acres - Same
Parcel 030-400-010- 000 has 3.8 level acres with direct border with National Forest!
Parcel 030-400-018-000 has 4.44 level acres with paved road on two sides!
Parcel 030-400-021-000 has 4.07 level acres with paved road on three sides!
Parcel 030-400-022-000 has 5.03 level acres in the center location.
Parcel 030-400-023-000 has 5.03 level acres with paved road access on two sides!

What is the best parcel?

Parcel 030-400-032-000 has 11.48 level acres with large National Forest access, cul-de-sac, and the potential to complete the entrance from Highway 299! The CCRs allow this parcel eight horses! This would be the ideal location for a "Yellowstone" ranch facility! (Please read the CCRs)
The Rocky Ledge Estate s subdivision has twenty four parcels with only seven available by us.  
All parcels have deeded direct access to National Forest.

Are there HOA fees?

No. The CCRs were recorded and the architecture committee must approve your plans. Read the CCR's to verify that this will be an estate neighborhood.

An optional HOA is possible for owners to share the costs of a host that is paid by the LLC to greet guest, perform "Company Cam" communication with owners, guests, vendors, and subcontractors. This optional HOA could own toys that could be rented to guests for a fee and available for owners for free. The rental fees would offset the cost of ownership and maintenance. Pontoon Boat, Bass Boat, Snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, bikes, sleds, horses, and more! 

Do the owners have to go to the property?

No! We recommend using "Company Cam" and contracting with a local "Facilitator". During the construction phase, the owner will see before and after images every day on their smartphone APP! During the STR phase, the owner can see the condition before the guest arrive and after they leave. The APP makes it easy to send a PDF file to the subcontractor, bank, insurance, etc. with just a few clicks! (Cost $16/Month)

What is "Trade-to-Travel" and why should we join?

Virgin Airlines' Voyeur magazine said, "Trade to Travel (TTT) is a trend that will change the way people travel. Swaps with TTT are on everyone's wish list." We are the world's most luxurious collection of vacation homes and villas, boutique hotels, resorts, spas, castles, chateaux, penthouses, private islands, boats, yachts and megayachts available for exchange. The Editor of Elite Traveler magazine said, "Trade to Travel is the biggest news in the luxury travel industry since the advent of destination clubs." But TTT wasn't born after destination clubs. It was born before them. 
We have been members for nearly 30 years. We can show you how to get 28,000 points per year guaranteed when you post your SRT dates with holidays. See where your could vacation every year - Properties

Can we build our own design home?

Yes. The "Four Wallets" design is a concept and available for no charge to our buyers. My brother who was a successful home builder before opening a winery, wisely said "If you want to build the perfect house, build the same one three times!" We want to build the first one for our family after we have the funds from the sales of seven other parcels. You can choose to build with your contractor and use traditional wood materials for your project. We prefer OmniBlock due to the fact that it is less expensive, last longer, has a higher energy efficiency, is fire proof, hurricane resistant, soundproof, moisture barrier, mold resistant, requires less labor, and we want our home to last for generations!