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Escape to Your Own Private Luxury Vacation Resort At the Edge of the Northern Californian Wilderness

A positive alternative vision for all of humanity 

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A purpose-built, high-end vacation property with 24/7 concierge service.

What we believe and why

Family is the only thing that truly matters!

A Family Getaway

Bring together family, strengthen bonds, and create irreplaceable memories

Your Wilderness Adventure

Immerse yourself in nature with hiking, skiing, hunting, boating, horse riding, and more.

Transform Your Family Vacations and Pursue the Good

Do you dream of relaxing in a luxury vacation home with doorstep access to scenic nature and adventure?

Do you want to escape the demands and grind of modern life and vacation with your family in a high-end, tranquil retreat that you can afford to rent?

And are you looking for a way to spend more time with family and friends?

Your first thought goes to getting your "kin" to join you. 

And without a plan or the support to renting our property, costs can spike and your dream vacation will only drag you down.

So you step back from paying for it all not wanting to burden your family with spiraling debts that jeopardize their financial security.

You just found the answer that your family is yearning to enjoy.

There is a better way - and it can be your dream vacation every year.

Imagine a vacation property that:

  • Has "Four Equal Luxury Suites" so you all get the same advantage of the "Primary Bedroom" and none of you have to sleep on the hide-a-bed and wait for the hall bath to air out!

  • Eliminate the hassle of parking and bring your trailers with your horses, ATV's, snowmobiles, E-bikes, and your pets!

  • Finally peaceful retreat where you can bring together your extended family and not regret the charges on the card!

  • Gives you chance to share your favorite meals while the ones you love the most get to relax. Take turns sharing your best.

  • Protect the financial well-being of your family by spending less on this vacation all while getting more value.

Yes - I want an affordable family vacation

I designed the kitchen to enable you to prepare all your family favaorites. When the four families each choose a day where they cook for the group, the ones we love get a vacation and we get a chance to wow them with our cooking skills. 

- Martine Findleton


Rocky Ledge Estate

Seize this unique opportunity to reserve own luxury 5-bedroom vacation home.

Rocky Ledge Estates offer sought-after homes in Northern California. Our vacation retreats are a place where you can host your whole family and find joy, clarify your life, visualize, create your future.

Yes - Family is everything and Iwannago!

Join the Iwannago

The new vacation tribe that is focused on what matters most!

Overall, the combination of spending time with loved ones and enjoying the great outdoors can create a mutual transformation and fulfill and enrich your vacation experience for the "Iwannago" or any group of people who value family and nature and healthy respectful children

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“Private Resort Home.”

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