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Let's make "Our" legacy the

9th Wonder of the World! 

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Carve your name on the world map!

Exclusive Access

Vacation to unique or hard-to-find travel destinations in the Pit River Valley, Mt. Lassen National Park, Mt Shasta, and the Lava National Park.

Special Deals 

Discounts on accommodations in our new Private Resort Homes that are designed for your entire tribe to assimilate alone and together.


Join a community of like-minded travelers and make new friends with our private FaceBook Group.

Custom Branding

Community Event Center with your name on it!

Luxury Vacation

90% discount on privately owned Luxury Vacation Homes all around the world and for ever!

Donate to charity?

Vacation for free then support your favorate charity.

Bonding and assimilating with family will strengthen our society. Making it affordable for all families is essential. 

You decide where we send your distributions and you still travel the world using barter that uses points when other wealthy families trade with us. To keep it fair, the value of each property uses the $1 dollar rental fee equals 1 point that never expires!

Family assimilation is important for our country's future as we can provide a sense of connection, support, and happiness. We remove resentment with our "Equal Luxury Suites" and bunk beds. When everything is equal, even the home that others in your company or family are staying, vacationing together in a natural setting will generate lasting memories. The area is known for its scenic beauty, including the stunning Burney Falls, and offers a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

Podernovo di Monticiano

Own one or all seven?

This is an ideal investment for a company, church, or family.

The RLE, LLC is selling 50% to one new member. The LLC will then have only two members, The operating agreement of the LLC mandates that 100% of your investment capital be used to construct and then 95% of all profit distributions are yours until the entire $10M is repaid.

When your entity owns 50%, you could be a corporation with seven shareholders that each own 14.28% or any number of shareholders you choose. The LLC distributes to your entity and how you distribute is up to you. We will even donate to your charity!

You need to be an owner to travel with trades. Only owners in this exclusive membership club! With a total of eight owners (7 + 1) all eight will have a home forever. 

The property is located on the outskirts of Sant Lluis, which is a charming, less touristy village where people live all year-round. As a result, it's lively throughout the year with local shops, concept stores, restaurants, summer events, and the village fiesta with horses on the last weekend of August.

It's perfectly located, just a 5min walk to the village and short 5-10 min drive to some beautiful beaches in the south like Alcaufar, Binibeca, Binidali, Sa Mesquida, etc., 10 minutes from the capital Mahon (with the Hauser & Wirtz gallery, fish market, shops etc), and 10 minutes from the airport. It takes 50 minutes to reach the other side of the island, offering plenty to do. Ideal to stay for 10-14 days to explore the island, go on boat trips, and hike along the Cami de Cavals, among other activities. There are also several festivals in the summer. The season spreads across Easter to end of October. We also love to spend Christmas there. 

The property can comfortably accommodate 10 people, across the main villa and the guesthouses. 3 private areas, which is ideal when travelling with friends or families. Each of the 5 suites have their own bathroom 

Use tax free points to travel!

Our points are guanteed every year!

“Owner only trades”

This is Home Exchange and in addition to Luxury Home Exchange

With our onsite concierge services and eight Private Resort Homes, our owners relax and enjoy more!