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Financial prosperity, tax savings, affordable world travel with our family

It's not just about vacations—it's about shaping legacies of well-being, resilience, and vibrant living for our heirs while transferring a secure asset tax free. Real estate investment, family togetherness, tax efficiency, and social impact. If this strategy aligns with your focus on creating lasting memories and providing for future generations, sign up for a unique and comprehensive approach that goes beyond just financial gains.


Think about your families future

Why Invest In Legacy Real Estate?

In times of economic shifts and market uncertainties, the need for astute investment choices becomes ever more paramount. As we navigate through a landscape marked by fluctuating mortgage rates, high inflation, credit rating concerns, and security market volatility, it's imperative to seize unique opportunities that provide both stability and growth potential. And pass it on without taxes!

A Harmonious Continuum of Prosperity, Connection, and Memories. As an owner, you also gain access to the Luxury Home Exchange, where you can enjoy a 90% discount on private luxury homes all over the world. Never get tired of the same place and travel more often without all the work!

  • 14,000 points each year!

  • Your legacy, your heirs, their extraordinary lifestyle for ever!

  • Vacation anywhere & anytime and save on taxes.

  • Explore World Travel

The Best Advice Ever!

Immerse yourself in a game-changing video explanation with Mark Jenney and uncover why investing in the Airbnb market could be the golden opportunity you've been waiting for. Learn about the tremendous potential of Rocky Ledge Estates, an investment strategy that maximizes profit while also offering enriching experiences to working-class families.

By building for less and maintaining lower operating costs, we've made luxury vacations affordable and accessible to more people.

Take this chance to explore the enthralling beauty of our Private Resort Homes on estate parcels, nestled in the tranquility of the Shasta Trinity National Forest. Revel in the unparalleled luxury of equal suites in our resort, ensuring everyone enjoys an elevated vacation experience.

Dive into the future of investment. Join us on this journey as we blend prosperity with purpose. Invest not just for financial gain, but also in the happiness and lasting memories of countless families. Click here to watch the video and embark on this incredible journey with us. Your legacy awaits!

Introducing the Private Resort Home (PRH)

  • A Revolutionary Investment Opportunity

  • In the world of investment, innovation often leads to new avenues of wealth creation. The Private Resort Home (PRH) is one such groundbreaking concept that not only offers financial prosperity but also transforms the way families bond, experience luxury, and contribute to a noble cause. In this blog post, we'll delve into the benefits of this unique asset class, its test-market success, and the advantages of new construction in building a lasting legacy.

  • Imagine owning a slice of paradise where families come together, forging unforgettable memories in an exquisite, luxurious setting. The PRH offers precisely that—a vacation home designed for relaxation, enjoyment, and togetherness. What sets PRH apart is its test-market success, proving that the majority of working families can afford a week-long vacation at just $2,500. When four join together, we collect $6,300 per week after sales, marketing, and concierge service fees! With eight PRH rentals, that is a potential for $2.4 million per year! All while our working families pay less!

  • Intriguingly, the PRH model doesn't just stop at one individual family enjoying a vacation. Once they learn about the luxury, privacy, prime location, and availability, they're naturally drawn to share this experience with their three closest family members. This synergy not only ensures regular bookings but also strengthens family bonds and creates a vibrant community around the PRH concept. The YouTube Channel will drive awareness and maximize occupancy rates.

  • The LLC's operating agreement serves as an unwavering shield, governing the CPA's actions, and safeguarding both investor and heir. With steadfast rules, it assures lasting protection and control, an unshakable foundation for financial legacy.

    Embracing New Construction

  • One of the most significant advantages of the PRH strategy is the emphasis on new construction. Beyond the allure of modern aesthetics and luxurious amenities, new construction offers tangible financial benefits. Lower energy bills are a result of the latest eco-friendly technologies integrated into the homes. These savings, coupled with larger deductions and lower property taxes, enhance the overall profitability of the investment. We harness economies of scale by constructing eight identical units, eliminating high contractor costs, realtor commissions, and house flipping profits. Managed by seasoned contractor Keith Kelch, we maintain consistent subcontractors and inspections. These lowered expenses amplify future generational profits in our long-term investment approach.

  • By opting for new construction, investors are positioning themselves for higher returns, while simultaneously contributing to environmental sustainability. The strategy is a win-win that exemplifies the blend of forward-thinking business practices and responsible citizenship.These residential homes transcend expectations, operating akin to commercial real estate through adept utilization of Short-Term Rental laws. Purpose-built, they mitigate risk by design, featuring soundproof walls on expansive estate parcels. This fusion of legal acumen and architectural foresight culminates in an investment that marries resilience with profit potential.

  • The PRH approach isn't just about the present; it's about securing a vibrant future for generations to come. By investing in an asset class that encourages family bonding, fosters togetherness, and brings people closer to nature, you're creating a legacy that transcends financial transactions. The PRH model encapsulates the essence of our values—family, nature, God, and community—while ensuring lasting memories and prosperity.

How It Works

Investing should be easy and that's exactly how it is

Sign Operating Agreement

Rocky Ledge Estates LLC owns the land, the plans, and is ready to launch!

Capitalized with Equity

Every shareholder in the corporation owns the LLC and the operating agreement manages by a CPA.

Grow your portfolio

You get priority distributions from the LLC that will repay your the entire investment before 50/50 for ever.

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Unleash the Power of Family Assimilation

In a fast-paced world teeming with distractions, it's easy to overlook the profound impact of spending quality time with family and friends. Beyond the vacations and gatherings, lies a force of transformation that can shape not just individual lives, but the entire world. The concept of assimilation – the process of integrating, belonging, and experiencing love and pride within a family unit – holds the key to a better life and a brighter future for us all.

The Ripple Effect of Assimilation

Assimilation goes beyond just sharing a home or a few moments together; it's about creating an environment where individuals truly belong. When family members and friends assimilate, they cultivate a unique bond that nurtures growth, empathy, and understanding. This profound connection becomes a launching pad for positive change.

From Belonging to Thriving

As family members assimilate, they not only experience the joy of belonging, but they also gain the confidence to embrace life more fully. Assimilation fosters an atmosphere of acceptance, where individuals can be their authentic selves without fear of judgment. This confidence translates into a life well-lived, where each person thrives in their endeavors, fueled by the love and support of their kin..

The 9th Wonder of the World

The concept of family assimilation becoming the 9th Wonder of the World might seem ambitious, but consider this: a world where individuals are raised in an atmosphere of love, belonging, and support can transform societies on a monumental scale. The ripples of positive change emanating from each assimilated family can collectively form a tidal wave of global transformation.

Why Invest Here?

Connection to Nature:

The alliance of nature and well-being is undeniable. The surroundings of the 9th Wonder provide the perfect backdrop for families to reconnect with nature, fostering a sense of mindfulness, health, and rejuvenation. Hike to see the 8th Wonder - Burney Falls!

Leave your indelible mark on generations to come!

With our leadership, the 9th Wonder blossoms into a haven where health, growth, and adventure intertwine.

By seamlessly transferring from risky stocks into secure real estate, this initiative becomes a catalyst for cultivating healthier generations.

It's not just about vacations—it's about shaping legacies of well-being, resilience, and vibrant living.

Economies Of Scale

Owner builder with Shasta County building inspections at every step of the build yields a "final inspection" that locks in the property taxes that are protected under Prop 13. No realtor commission and no over-paid contractors when we hire the same subcontractors and then build the same house eight times!

Private Jets Welcome


Direct Access From Your Estate!

Visitors have ample free parking for their cars, trailers, boats, and even horses! Saddle up at home and then ride all day and then return to their estate with a firepit in a private courtyard next to their spa!

  • Horses, Bikes, and Hikes

  • The near-by Pacific Crest Trail and the Great Shasta Rail Trail do not allow motorized vehicles.

  • UTV's, ATV's, Snowmobiles, and Dirt Bikes

  • There are plenty of miles of roads to explore in the 2.2 million acre National Forest.

  • Boats, Pontoon Boats, Kayak, Canoes, Paddle Boards

  • Lake Britton is always full and ideal for all. Ahjumawi Lava Springs and Fall River Mills are amazing! This is where the water begins!

    What Visitors Are Saying

    Visitors and locals love the "Pit River Valley" and all the OUTDOOR ADVENTURE!

    ''Burney Falls is so amazing to see up close. It was even said to be called “the Eight Wonder of the World” by President Theodore Roosevelt..''


    ''The Fall River is the largest of California’s spring creeks, fed by several icy aquifers coming from the snows and glaciers of Mount Shasta..''

    The Fly Shop

    '' Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to steaming fumaroles, meadows freckled with wildflowers, clear mountain lakes, and numerous volcanoes..''

    National Park Service

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