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This is not just about property or profit; it's about purpose. It's about transforming dollars into dreams, investments into institutions, and legacies into lifelines - Rocky Ledge Estates

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Legacy Building

A purpose-built, high-end vacation property with 24/7 concierge service for five star reviews.

Secure Your Financial Future

Create generational wealth and leave a legacy for your family.

A Family Getaway

Bring together family, strengthen bonds, and create irreplaceable memories

Luxury in Nature

Immerse yourself in nature with hiking, skiing, hunting, boating, horse riding, and more.

By transforming family vacations and building your legacy, you not only enhance the quality of life for you and your loved ones but also foster deep connections, instill cherished values, and secure long-term financial stability, ensuring a meaningful and prosperous future for generations to come.

Imagine guiding your favorite client towards securing their initial investment capital while continuing to enjoy asset ownership and receiving 50% profit share for all their future generations! More so, through our thoughtfully structured operating agreement which mandates that 75% of the profit goes toward credit line repayment before shifting to a 50/50 model.

The beauty of this opportunity lies in its simplicity. You - as the CPA - will take charge of maintaining LLC compliance, manage taxes and approve necessary expenses within the bounds of our mutually agreed-upon rules.

The opportunity here extends beyond merely financial rewards – it’s about your integral role as the CPA in building businesses, managing benefits, and directing an enterprise that truly changes lives for the better.

Join us. Embrace a strategy where financial prosperity meets philanthropic impact. Together, we can build a legacy that stands the test of time and creates ripples of positive change across generations.

Act now – reach out and let's explore this unique opportunity further!

The Art of Investing: Busting the Real Estate Game and Choosing a Smarter Path

In the grand chessboard of real estate investments, are you playing the wrong game? Traditional practices—buying from a realtor, borrowing from banks at high interest rates—seem tried-and-true on the surface. Yet, one must unravel the layers, exposing the structural flaws that gnaw at your profits. When land is purchased, the first profit and price increase take place. The broker secures a neat 10% commission. The developer, typically financed by hefty loans, hires a contractor to manage construction and subcontractors—the actual workhorses of the project. Because the contractor's license and bond are at stake, a substantial 20-30% markup to the actual building cost is added. If you, as the owner, hire the contractor, brace yourself for hefty "change order" fees every time you request an upgrade to the building plans. Blueprints aren't cheap either—thousands can be added to your total. Factor in the profit for the first owner or the developer, and you're looking at an inflated purchase price. Add escrow, title, closing cost, inspections, taxes—the list goes on. We estimate these can surge up to 40% more than our LLC would pay for a superior build. The hidden villain in the plot, however, is the property tax—determined at the permit-to-occupy stage or at escrow closure. This tax haunts your heir for the next 100+ years! Now, consider the alternative—our method at Rocky Ledge Estates. When our LLC gets the final inspection, we've met the same codes and quality standards as a contractor but as an "owner-builder". We shoulder the responsibility, chopping off the 20-30% contractor markup. We also save the 6% realtor fee. We use contracts directly with subcontractors, controlling quality while issuing change orders for their payments. Economies of scale further sweeten the deal. Our team, moving from one estate to another in the vicinity, executes repeated builds—improving efficiency with each iteration. You see, Rocky Ledge Estates is more than an investment opportunity. It's a revolution, challenging the traditional real estate game and forging a more profitable, legacy-building path.

After all, true wealth lies not in the treasures we hoard but in the lives we enrich.

 Immerse yourself in a game-changing video explanation with Mark Jenney and uncover why investing in the Airbnb market could be the golden opportunity you've been waiting for. Learn about the tremendous potential of Rocky Ledge Estates, an investment strategy that maximizes profit while also offering enriching experiences to working-class families.

By building for less and maintaining lower operating costs, we've made luxury vacations affordable and accessible to more people.

Take this chance to explore the enthralling beauty of our Private Resort Homes on estate parcels, nestled in the tranquility of the Shasta Trinity National Forest. Revel in the unparalleled luxury of equal suites in our resort, ensuring everyone enjoys an elevated vacation experience.

Dive into the future of investment. Join us on this journey as we blend prosperity with purpose. Invest not just for financial gain, but also in the happiness and lasting memories of countless families. Click here to watch the video and embark on this incredible journey with us. Your legacy awaits!

Imagine a Vacation Property Investment That:

  • Tap into the power of real estate, a tangible and appreciating asset class, while benefiting from the numerous tax advantages it offers.

  • Actively manage your property through a user-friendly app, you have full control at your fingertips, making it convenient to oversee operations.

  • Strategically utilize qualified deductions to lower your taxable income.

  • Gives you access to 1,000s of other luxury properties around the world

  • Beyond the financial advantages, this investment positively impacts the lives of visitors to your property. By creating an energy-efficient and multi-generational asset, you contribute to a sustainable and inclusive environment for families and guests to enjoy.


    The Rocky Ledge Estate

    Embrace the extraordinary opportunity to construct a bespoke luxury vacation home of any design at Rocky Ledge Estates or use our custom designed Private Resort Home.

    Nestled in the picturesque Northern California landscape, our highly sought-after vacation estate parcels provide an idyllic setting for a range of tax-saving strategies that align with your financial goals and maximize the benefits of real estate ownership.

    The Private Resort Home becomes a haven where cherished memories are made, relationships are nurtured, and experiences are shared across generations.

    Elevate your lifestyle and secure your financial future with Rocky Ledge Estates.

    Explore This Opportunity!

    The Green Thumbprint of Luxury

    Inside your purpose-built vacation home, you'll be surrounded by top-of-the-line amenities, exquisite finishes, and unparalleled comfort.

    With a spacious living area, 5 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms, this is the perfect retreat for families and friends looking to enjoy a high-end vacation home.

    Imagine four families spending their vacation in their deluxe king-size suite with its own private bathroom, including a shower and bathtub.

    Relax under the stars in the private courtyard with a spa, fire pit, and BBQ, or take advantage of 24/7 concierge services for a stress-free vacation experience.

    Cousins - Courtesy of Aaron Wenell

    Embrace a more fulfilling family life and nurture lasting connections among generations by fostering togetherness and creating shared experiences.

    Designed for multi-generational vacations, our homes offer plenty of space for everyone to spread out, come together, or enjoy their own private area.

    With five bedrooms, including a playroom for kids, there's room for the whole family to relax and have fun.

    Forget cramped costly motel rooms and stay in a place that feels like home with your family and friends!

    Join the Rockies: Become a member of Rocky Ledge Estates LLC









    Hurry! Be the one!

    Experience Unrivaled Comfort and Sustainability with Omni Block - The Future of Eco-Luxury Living.

    Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our homes, from energy-efficient technology to durable materials.

    By using economies of scale and design assistance, we can offer cost savings without sacrificing quality.

    As an owner-builder, you know exactly what’s being built. Get peace of mind knowing that your home is built to last for the next hundred years, with low overhead costs and a low property tax bill.

    Begin your journey towards financial prosperity, fulfilling vacations, and a lasting legacy today.

    Secure your future

    Discover The Wilderness On Your Doorstep

    Situated in Northern California, Rocky Ledge Estate offers unparalleled access to 2.2 million acres of National Forest.

    Shasta Trinity National Forest, Burney Falls, Lassen Volcanic National Park, and Mt Shasta Ski Park are all nearby.

    Hike through scenic trails, ski down snowy slopes, or explore the crystal-clear waters of nearby rivers and lakes.

    Our visitors will immerse in the beauty of nature, and create lasting memories with their loved ones.

    Bringing Families Together Now And In The Future

    Our vision is to offer a unique, secure, and unparalleled vacation retreat for families so they can grow closer and create unforgettable experiences together.

    We strive to connect people with nature while enjoying all the comforts and conveniences of a luxury home.

    All of this can be enjoyed in the present. But our properties are assets that can be enjoyed by generations of your family for years to come.

    Meet Our Founders

    Lawrence Findleton

    Lawrence Findleton has a background in healthcare and is the co-founder of Rocky Ledge Estate LLC.

    He is a visionary leader with a passion for creating a legacy of high-quality, sustainable, and private resort homes designed for multi-generational vacations.

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    Martine Findleton

    Martine Findleton is the co-owner of Rocky Ledge Estate.

    She moved to Coloma in 1991 and owned the Coloma Deli, a place still serving the local community to this day. Her love for family, community, and the natural world is reflected in her work at Rocky Ledge Estate.

    How It Works:

    Building Your Dream Home

    Rocky Ledge Estate offers a fantastic opportunity to invest in a luxurious private resort home close to Burney Falls.

    The Private Resort Home consists of:

    • 5 luxury bedrooms (Four Equal Suites + Bunks) 

    • 5.5 high-end bathrooms

    • 4 to 12-acre parcels of land with deeded access to Shasta Trinity National Forest

    • 4,300 sq foot OmniBlock energy efficient design

    • A 1,500 sq ft courtyard with fire pit, spa, and BBQ

    • 24/7 concierge services to handle your every need

    • Access to awe-inspiring wilderness

    By investing in land at Rocky Ledge Estate you:

    • Build a property designed to last at least 100 years.

    • Get a fully-managed rental property with the potential to generate $7,000 per week

    • Secure a highly-desirable asset to safeguard the financial future of your family

    • Keep the property in your living trust so your beneficiaries can preserve and grow your legacy

    • Create a place for your extended family to gather, tighten their bonds, and great unforgettable memories.

    Your Luxury Rental Retreat is 3 Hours Away From Millions of Families

    Our location means there is an abundance of people ready to get away from it all and vacation in your luxury vacation home. You do not need to go there!

    Your home is in a highly-desirable vacation spot, with access to surrounding natural wonders such as:

    • Baum Lake

    • Burney Falls

    • Hatchet Creek Falls

    • Shasta Trinity National Forest

    • And so many more…

    Done-For-You Rental Management

    Hostaway SaaS

    Our onsite manager provides our vacation rental services for us so we get five star reviews without all the work. We only go here to vacation and celebrate!

    "At Rocky Ledge Estates, everyone is welcome – including pets! Our properties are fully ADA compliant, ensuring all guests can enjoy their stay without hindrance. And with radiant floor heating under stained concrete floors, guests can relax in comfort year-round.

    Become an owner in the LLC

    When you join our project, you invest in the Rocky Ledge LLC for even more savings and security.

    This includes:

    • A full set of building plans with the designs and construction outlined for you

    • You eliminate the 20-30% fee for a general contractor and there are NO realtor fees only Escrow & Title!

    • Lower annual property taxes by 36% - Prop 13 locks it!

    • Onsite Property Management to manage your rental property - You control the calendar!

    • Access to a growing community of like-minded individuals focused on securing their financial and family legacy

    Redefine the Investment Game: Secure 50% Stake in an Exciting Development with Prioritized Returns!

    Local Economic Boost: With the potential to attract up to 1500 families each year, investing in RLE's Private Resort Homes could stimulate local businesses... Each family that visits brings along a fresh wallet, ready to explore and support local establishments.

    Community Engagement: Our planned event center is not just for our residents... We envision it as a hub for community events, concerts, weddings, and more. It could become the heart of local social activity, fostering a stronger sense of community... Just like how a good family gathering strengthens bonds.

    Positive Environmental Impact: With energy-efficient construction and design, these homes will have minimal environmental impact... It aligns perfectly with our commitment to responsible practices.

    Enhanced Lifestyle: These homes will provide an upgraded lifestyle for locals and visitors alike, potentially attracting even more interest to the area over time.

    • $55,000 per acre for the land

    Investing in RLE's Private Resort Homes is about more than just financial gains - it's about enriching the local community and building a legacy that aligns with the long-held family values... It's not just an opportunity - it's the continuation of a tradition.

    Unlock Exceptional Profits: Your Chance to Own 50% of a Unique Development & Reap Prioritized Returns!

    Opting for an LLC that already owns the land presents a superior investment alternative in comparison to buying land at current value... Think of it this way: Buying means grappling with the realtor commission, closing costs, recorders fees - all these hidden expenses that eat into your profit margins. Not to mention, the potential loss of the Prop 13 advantage, which could lead to skyrocketing property taxes over time. But by investing in an LLC that holds the land, you bypass these costly hurdles. Instead of dealing with multiple transactions and fees, your investment goes directly into the heart of the project... It's a more streamlined, efficient, and ultimately profitable approach. Plus, the stability offered by the LLC structure provides an additional layer of protection for your investment.

    "Trade To Travel" Luxury Home Exchange

    Your family will return to your new luxury home in the Rocky Ledge Estate again for reunions. Plus you use the points to explore the world with or without your family.

    You will have the opportunity to stay in 1000s of other luxury homes across the world with the Trade-To-Travel Membership: everywhere from New Zealand to Antigua, Uruguay to Spain. You are guaranteed the points and they never expire and you get a 90% discount on your vacations.

    How Trade To Travel Works

    Trade To Travel is a vacation exchange program that allows owners of luxury vacation rentals to exchange their properties with other members using a point system.

    Members can use their points to book properties with savings of up to 90%.

    The process is simple:

    • LLC Members only - 56,000 points each year!

    • Offer getaway dates for your rental or host a member to receive points (Holiday weeks get DOUBLE POINTS!)

    • Trade in your points to visit properties worldwide

    Trade-To-Travel has been running for 35+ years and has many members. Over the years it has catered to celebrities, including Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Downey Jr.

    Talk With Our Team Today:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the Rocky Ledge Estate?

    The Rocky Ledge Estate is located in the Rocky Ledge Estates subdivision, near Burney Falls 96013, offering unparalleled access to nature and outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and horseback riding.

    What’s the climate like?

    Summers are generally hot and dry with temperatures reaching into the high 80s and low 90s Fahrenheit (around 30°C).

    Fall brings cooler temperatures with occasional rain showers.

    Winters are mild but can bring snow, with temperatures ranging from the low 20s to the mid-40s Fahrenheit (-5 to 7°C).

    Spring is a beautiful time, with blooming wildflowers and temperatures ranging from the mid-40s to the high 60s Fahrenheit (7 to 20°C).

    What does it mean to be in trust?

    When you leave the property in trust, it means that the ownership and management of the property are entrusted to a third party. This ensures that your property is managed according to your wishes, even after you pass away, and can provide significant tax benefits to your heirs.

    How much could I earn per year on the rental?

    The estimated rental income for a private resort home is $7,000 per week, with an average daily rental rate of $1,000 per night. This means that you could potentially earn up to $364,000 per year on the rental, depending on the occupancy rate.

    Note: Evolve Vacation Management would take a 10% fee from this if you decide to use them.

    Where’s the nearest airport?

    Fall River Mills Municipal Airport is 17 minutes away. This provides convenient access to the Estate and the surrounding areas. The airport serves both private and chartered jet aircraft, making it a perfect choice for visitors looking to explore the area. Reno International Airport is a gorgeous 2.5 hour drive away. Sacramento is only 3.5 hours using Highway 5 to Highway 299.

    When will construction start?

    Construction is scheduled to begin as soon as financing is secured and the necessary permits are obtained. Our team is committed to providing a high-quality, sustainable, and private resort home that is designed for multi-generational vacations.#

    How many points can I earn with my free Trade-To-Travel membership?

    When you designate two weeks per year for members of the scheme, you get the points even if no one stays at your place - guaranteed. And if you designate a block of time that includes a national holiday, you get double points.

    So, if you book out 14 days, including a national holiday, you could earn 2,000 points a night. That’s a total of 28,000 points.

    And what can you get with 28,000 points?

    1 point = 1 dollar.

    So by letting out your home to the Trade-To-Travel scheme for just 2 weeks, you gain $28,000 to spend on your next luxury getaway.

    Points are tax-free, and your family chooses where and when you all visit a new location every year.

    How do I get my luxury vacation home?

    The next step is to contact Rocky Ledge Estate to learn more about how we can help you create a legacy for your family. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, from selecting a parcel to building your dream vacation home.

    Click the button below to book a call:

    Yes - I Want a Luxury Vacation Home!